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Brand FX Service Bodies Brand FX Service Bodies
Provides compartments for all your tools, equipment, parts, and materials. More ways to keep everything protected yet instantly accessible. From the BFX 76 Series for compact trucks to the BFX 84 Series for high-GVW dual-wheel chassis, the four BRAND FX Service Body families offer the ideal combination of capacity and configuration for an endless variety of applications.
Brand FX Line Bodies Six basic Brand FX Line Body models
Choose virtually whatever you want, wherever you want it, to arrive at a body so efficient out on the job you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Beyond versatile storage locations and configurations, we offer a long list of optional equipment and accessories with which to meet the needs of even the most highly specialized applications
Brand FX Toppers Brand FX Toppers
Do you own or operate a van fleet? If so, we have a better solution. Letís face it, vans donít age gracefully or get the best MPG.
  • Same amount of workspace, with side and rear access. No more climbing into a van for tools.
  • Secure, 100% encapsulated, able to transfer from truck to truck without unloading
  • Use over the life of 2-3 trucks for additional ROI
  • A truck with an Insert has lower up front costs, and higher resale
Brand FX Inserts Brand FX Insert
Self-contained with its own floor and sidewalls, for ease removal without unloading. Built to outlast the vehicle. Fits all popular Dodge, Ford and GMC pickup trucks and bed lengths. Commercial grade fiberglass construction, tough durable gelcoat finish, automotive weather seals.
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