Summer brings laid-back trips to the lake, adventures into the great outdoors and rambling road trips—and it takes a lot of recreational gear to make it through the season. It can also bring frustration, stress and the occasional panic attack if you don’t have your rig properly outfitted to accommodate all the extras. Here you’ll find the top five truck accessories to stay cool, maximize your free time and outfit your vehicle for an endless summer.

Truck Racks

Summer and R&R are synonymous. Spend more time relaxing and less time fighting with your gear by keeping it all stowed with a truck. Truck racks compartmentalize the bed of your truck, enabling you to carry far more without having to worry about where to fit oversize items. Truck racks are also ideal for transporting everything from lumber to kayaks when you’re headed for the lake. They accommodate anywhere between 500 – 1,200 lbs and keep everything neatly and securely organized.

Truck Floor Mats & Truck Seat Covers

Whether it’s sand from the beach or a spilled beverage from a tailgate party, summer can be one of the messiest seasons. Protect your interior with truck floor mats and truck seat covers. Truck floor mats are custom-engineered to provide complete protection from spills and other corrosives, and they do it without covering up your floor controls. Some even feature tall outer ridges for containing the messes that seem to spread throughout your truck. Similarly, truck seat covers protect your upholstery by providing a barrier against mud, dirt and grime, pulling on and off in seconds with no special tools required. They’re crafted from heavy-duty materials for durability and comfort, with many styles featuring stain and liquid repellents for complete spill protection.

Tool Boxes

Add secure storage space to your rig's bed with a truck toolbox. Carry tools, equipment, all of your gear in a safe, lockable truck toolbox. AutoAnything offers a variety of truck tool box styles to let you get the most out of your pickup. And with countless truck toolboxes reviews to read, you'll discover real experiences from real customers like you.

Tonneau Covers

Hauling things to and from can be a drag and take up serious time that could be spent doing any number of other things. Why not lock up your truck bed with a tonneau cover? Tonneau covers provide an attractive and easy way to store and protect your cargo. They come in a variety of styles, including hard and soft tops, to suit both your needs and your budget. And if you routinely load your truck bed beyond the rim, you might also want to toss in a cargo net. Cargo nets fit most trucks and trailers with an adjustable perimeter strap. Metal-swivel hooks at each corner provide a quick and easy installation every time, and the heavy-duty netting conforms to the shape and size of your load without losing its shape.

Engine Chips & Exhaust

You can have all your gear stowed perfectly, but if you don’t have the juice to make it through the mountain pass or even up the coast highway, the trip is going to be a short one. Streamlining your engine’s performance by upgrading your truck exhaust system with performance-grade air filters is one way to goose your gas pedal. But,engine chips provide an even easier solution. Performance-enhancing engine chips allow you to custom-tailor your vehicle’s performance to meet your needs, quickly and affordably increasing your horsepower and maximizing fuel efficiency to realize your vehicle’s full potential.