If you're looking for the least expensive truck bed cover possible, that will keep your gear somewhat dry and kind of safe... this video isn't for you. But if you're looking for the strongest, most secure tonneau cover available to protect your gear, you definitely want to consider the Retrax series of retractable covers. A Truck Hero company, Retrax manufactures premium retractable truck bed covers made of both polycarbonate AND aluminum. And they're made right here in the USA. The aluminum, or PRO series weighs a bit less than the polycarbonate or ONE series, and as a result costs slightly more. "BOTH the Retrax One and Pro series are available in MANUAL retractable or ELECTRIC retractable models. The power models utilize a wireless key fob as the remote and are labeled the Power Trax. So, two material choices - aluminum or polycarbonate, both available in manual or power. " Pretty simple, right? Hang on, "There's one more layer to the Retrax product offering, and that's the NEW XR series. The XR incorporates Retrax proprietary Trax Rail system, allowing you to mount a variety of compatible cargo mounts and bars. It's compatible with most t-slot cargo systems, including Yakima and Thule. And you can get the XR in both Aluminum or Polycarbonate, powered or manual. " So if you want to haul a kayak, bike or mount a cargo box, you can do that while STILL being able to fully utilize the XR truck bed cover. "Now, if you want to stack a pallet of brick on top of your Retrax cover and secure the load with your Yakima rails - we DON'T recommend that. But that WOULD make an entertaining video. " "Okay. So - let's talk about how the Retrax cover works. ALL of Retrax covers will have the same main features. The cover is made of a rigid material, and glides within aluminum channels using sealed ball bearings and rolls into a protective cylinder INSIDE your truck bed. " Now that cylinder takes up about 11" of bed space. So you'll want to consider this if space is a concern. The ADVANTAGE of this configuration is that this helps make the Retrax cover the most secure cover on the market - as your cover is fully contained in the rails and cylinder housing. Also, many truck owners with 5th wheels prefer Retrax because it does not roll or fold on top of the rails. There aren't any clearance issues to take into account. The cover utilizes sealed ball bearing rollers mounted in the channels that help the cover glide effortlessly, There are no moving parts to jam, freeze or fail. Now as a quick tip - you don't want to add grease or oil to the tracks or bearings. But you CAN add come carnuba wax to the tracks if you feel like you want it to glide even more smoothly. The patented low profile design is not only secure, but it creates a tight seal around the perimeter, keeping water out of your truck bed. Notice toward the front of the cover, how it actually lifts into place to form that seal as it closes. Another nice feature is the fact that you can lock the cover in place at any position, like Mark is doing here. This allows you to protect your gear, while hauling taller items. The lock is protected from the elements with an enclosure flap - keeping the lock nice and dry. Now as we watch Mark open this again, you'll notice he uses the cap as a handle. This is how the cover is designed - making it easier to open and close. As mentioned before, the Retrax cover comes in both Aluminum and Polycarbonate versions. The polycarbonate comes in two finish styles - a smooth gloss black, or textured powder coated matte black. The powder coated finish is extremely scratch resistant. And the aluminum comes in a scratch resistant textured matte black finish. No drilling is required for installation, as the clamp on cover can be installed with basic hand tools. ALL retrax covers come with a FULL one year warranty followed by a lifetime pro-rated warranty. Now at a starting price of about $1,300 for the Retrax ONE, this truck bed cover isn't the least expensive on the market. But when it comes to security and quality - we believe it is probably the best. So if you're looking for a secure, low profile, low maintenance truck bed cover with a variety of options including t-slots for mounting rail systems and power or manual systems - the Retrax just might be the cover for you. And we have them IN STOCK here at Titan Truck.