If you're watching this video, you've undoubtedly heard of Baja Designs. The LP4, LP6 and LP9 series are absolute power houses - with features that set them FAR apart from other lights. I'm Cody with Titan Truck and here's what you need to know. First though, here's my disclaimer. (Bold and gregarious) I'm part Italian. No, that's not it! (telling secret) Though I am. Located in Spokane, WA, Titan Truck stocks,sells and installs many brands of off-road lights - INCLUDING Baja Designs LP series. We've helped THOUSANDS of customers with their lighting needs. And, we chose the LP4,6 and 9 to be part of our stocking line up for GOOD. REASON. But these lights AREN'T for everybody. More on that in a bit. As you're probably aware, Baja Designs is a major player in the off-road racing scene and has been on the cutting edge of new designs. And that includes the LP6. As the name implies, the LP6 is powered by 6 forward facing superior quality Cree LEDs." It is a full sized, bracket mounted light boasting 10,300 total lumens. At six and a half inches high and wide by over 3" deep and just over 4lbs, this thing is a BEAST. It's engineered to take a beating and keep on shining - meeting the rugged demands of off-roading. So - this is an off-road light. But what if your rig never leaves the road? Does the LP6 work on dirt roads or even (gasp) PAVEMENT? Yes. Yes it does. So that brings us to the first person this ISN'T for. If you're looking for a light that can be flush mounted in a bumper or in your grill, this is NOT the light for you. One of the design features of the LP6 is the ability to light the periphery through a side angled lens. To do that, this light needs to be bracket mounted. Moreover, with the amount of lumens generated, the ability to dissipate heat is important, and better achieved through an exterior mounted light." Besides, it's weight and size make it impractical for anything but a bracket mount. Let's talk about that periphery lighting for a second. You'll notice that in the specs - the LP6 generates eighty-six hundred forward facing lumens. But you'll ALSO notice that it generates seventeen HUNDRED IPT lumens. What in the world is an IPT lumen you ask? You did ask that, right? An IPT lumen is Baja Designs Integrated Peripheral Technology. Whew - say THAT 3 times fast. The lens on the LP6 as well as the LP4 and LP9 is beveled on the side. This not only ALLOWS light off to the side, but DIRECTS it there. If you look closely you can see dedicated LEDs that generate the seventeen HUNDRED lumens of periphery lighting. This means you can still be running a spot beam, while being able to see off to the sides - to a certain degree. And that brings us to Baja Designs’ lenses. If you shop much online, you'll see that even the cheap disposable lights boast of having Polycarbonate lenses. But here's the deal: There's polycarbonate, and then there's POLYCARBONATE. Didn't that clear it up for you? Like aluminum or steel - there are different grades of polycarbonate. Baja designs uses a premium grade of polycarbonate that resists yellowing and cracking, with a hard coating finish for added protection. Look closely at the lens and you'll notice some distinct patterns. While the lenses on cheap lights actually reduce effective lumens, the lenses on the LP6 actually intensify and direct the light." They call this their Clear View technology. Another thing you'll notice about Baja Designs is that they have a branded term for every feature. IPT, Moisture Block, Clear View, U-Service Technology... Is that a bad thing? WE don't think so. But I digress! So what's the light's temperature? BD's lights all emit light at 5,000k - which is in essence simulating daylight. Let's talk about light beam patterns. The LP6 comes in a Driving / Combo or Spot beam pattern. Both choices offer an amber day-time running light as well as low and high power modes. And with the dedicated periphery lighting - this light gives you 200 degrees of usable light. " ….if a half circle is 180 degrees….and this light is 200…...can it also qualify as a back up light? (voice - No Cody) There you go! Now if you aren't sure which lighting pattern is right for you, click on the link in the video description below and download an easy to use lighting pattern chart." Okay - let's talk housing quality. Is it a 200 square foot apartment in the desert with no air conditioning? Or is it a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired villa on the beach? I'd say it's closer to the beach house! Keeping the light cool is a big deal, and is one of the key factors between lights that fail prematurely and those that have a long life. Okay so what about WATER RESISTANCE? Can you take it SCUBA diving? Sure! We call that SDT - Scuba Diving Technology. Seriously though, This light is rated at IP69K. That's the highest rating possible for off-road lights. It means the light is protected from dust and close-range, high pressure, high temperature water spray downs." So... what ? Well most lights that claim to be ""water proof"" have an IP68K rating. They can be submerged under certain conditions - but if you spray wash them at a car wash - your warranty is VOIDED." But with the LP6 you can spray wash AND submerge it to your heart's content. And if you accidentally hit things with a hammer, you'll be glad to know it has an IK10 impact rating. This means it can withstand many direct impacts." Speaking of direct impacts - how much does the LP6 cost? At just under $500, the LP6 is a premium light. If you're looking for a disposable light that will last a few months before you have to replace it , this is an expensive light and probably isn't for you." If you're looking for a light in the 10,000 lumens range that is built to withstand the demands of off-roading and severe environments, the LP6 is a good solution. Now, If you like the LP6 features but want something a bit smaller - the LP4 is a good option. If you want MORE lumens - take a look at the LP9. Again - with all the same features as the LP6. And if you want to compare different Baja Design lights in one easy peasy guide, be sure to download our light comparison guide and lighting zone guide linked in the description below. If you need help selecting the right lights for YOUR vehicle, our team - like Larry - is here to help