Rebellion XD

If you do a decent amount of towing, you probably want to reduce the amount of jerking, jarring, rattling, and vibrations caused from braking and various terrains. The Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch from Curt Manufacturing is a good option for reducing noise and increasing control when you tow.

What is the Rebellion XD?
The Rebellion XD is an adjustable drop hitch that comes with either a 2” or 2.5” shank that accommodates the same sized receivers. Both models are equipped with easily swappable 2” and 2 15/16” balls. The 2 15/16” ball on the 2” shank is rated at 15,000 lbs gross trailer weight, while the same ball on the 2.5” shank is rated at 20,000 lbs gross trailer weight. A pintle attachment is also available for those that need it. The 2.5” shank model accommodates up to an 8” drop and 1” rise, while the smaller 2” shank accommodates up to a 6” drop, and 1” rise.

Rebellion XD Hitch

What makes the Rebellion XD so great?
What makes the Rebellion XC a great choice is what Curt calls “Shock Drop Technology”. The Rebellion XD is engineered with a cushioned isolator that absorbs much of the jarring and jolting when going over bumps or with sudden changes in speed or direction. So when you hit a bump or brake suddenly, this system absorbs some of the impact, creating a smoother, more controlled ride. This also helps reduce rattling and vibration, creating a quieter ride and lessens a trailer’s tendency to sway. It also minimizes stress on your tow vehicle’s suspension and brakes for extended longevity.

What if your towing set-up requires sway bars or air bags? Will the Rebellion XD eliminate that need?
Probably not. And it won’t increase your vehicle’s towing capacity either. However, it will provide a smoother, quieter, and more controlled tow compared to a standard hitch or drop hitch and will reduce the wear and tear from towing with your vehicle. So in short, if your towing set-up requires sway bars or air bags, the Rebellion XD will likely not eliminate that need.

Is The Rebellion XD a Good Value?
At about $500 for the 2” shank and just over $700 for the 2.5” shank, the Rebellion XD does cost more than a standard drop hitch. But if you tow fairly often, the added comfort and control can be money well spent.