Yakima EXO System
If you’re looking to haul the maximum amount of gear and aren’t pulling a trailer, then the Yakima EXO Hitch system may be right for you. The EXO Hitch starts with a SwingBase that connects directly to your hitch.

The base can be used to attach a number of gear-holding gadgets, like a bike rack, cargo box, or GearWarrior cargo basket. From here, you can add an optional second level called the TopShelf. Like the base, you can attach a cargo box, table top, basket or bike rack to this level, as seen in the photo below.

Who is the EXO System Not For?
To be able to use the Yakima EXO, your vehicle needs to have a 2” hitch receiver. Typically smaller and mid-size crossover SUVs will have smaller receivers and this will not work on those vehicles.

Your vehicle also needs to be able to carry the added weight that comes with a two level system on the hitch. With the EXO system, you could conceivably have the two cargo boxes full of hundreds of pounds of gear.

If your rig tends to ride low in the back, or if you’re unsure whether it will handle the extra weight, you’ll want Titan Truck to take a look at it first. There may be things a qualified shop can do to get your vehicle ready.

More About the EXO System
The EXO system starts with the Swingbase. This allows the entire system to swing away from the vehicle with gear fully loaded. So, if you need to get into the back to grab lunch or gear, you simply pull the quick release lever and instantly get easy access. When not in use, the arms on the base are able to fold away. The SwingBase retail for just under $500, and as previously mentioned, the TopShelf easily attaches to the Swingbase. You can start your EXO system with just the base, allowing you to mount your bikes, a cargo box, or basket right out of the gate. Anything you can put on the base, you can put on the TopShelf too, allowing you to build your EXO system in a variety of ways. The second level is just under $400, which combined is about $900 for the base and TopShelf.

Now to make sure you’re using gear storage that attaches safely and securely, the EXO system has its own line of boxes, baskets, and racks that are designed to integrate. From the EXO GearLocker, the GearWarrior basket and DoubleUp bike mount to the snow bank mount for skis or boards, this is a very versatile system. There are even EXO Warrior Wheels – a cargo basket with wheels on the bottom, allowing you to lower and roll your gear away.

What About Lighting and Your License Plate? Won't They be Covered Up?
Yakima offers the EXO LitKit, allowing you to move your plate and lighting so they are visible at all times.

If you want to calculate the system’s weight with various components, you can use our calculator at TitanTruck.com. When on the site, search “EXO Calculator.” If you’re looking to maximize the amount of gear you can haul, the EXO system might be a good fit for you. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not the least expensive gear storage option. But, it is well thought through and offers options you don’t see in other systems.