Truck Hero Elevate Rack System
With the rise in popularity of overlanding, we’ve seen a lot of different rack systems hit the market. But, how do you decide which one is for you? What functions of your truck bed will you sacrifice with a rack system? Let’s look at the all new Elevate Rack System from Truck Hero, and what makes it unique compared to other bed rack systems.

What is the Truck Hero Elevate Rack System? The Truck Hero Elevate Rack System is a telescoping bed rack, ranging from 18-28 inches. This telescoping feature allows flexibility with your rack setup, easily keeping things low and tight to your cab. It can also be easily raised to transport items such as kayaks over the cab.

Mounting System
The real unique feature of the is the design of the mounting system. Unlike some other bed rack options on the market that hard mount or bolt directly to your bed, the Elevate Rack System is designed to mount using T-Slot rails – meaning it works in tandem with most truck bed covers, such as the Retrax XR, Roll-N-Lock M Series XT, Undercover Ultra Flex, and TruXedo Roll-Up covers.

Why are T-Slot rails a big deal? Currently, there are very few rack systems on the market that are compatible with truck bed covers – and the ones that are, typically don’t have the same range of compatibility. So if you have tools, overlanding gear, or other valuables inside your bed and want to keep them secure, you can cover them with your bed cover while still using the Elevate Rack. The crossbars also have T-Slot channels on both the top and bottom for you to easily mount T-Slot accessories. The overhang of the crossbars also allow for awnings to be mounted without the need for a platform – which can save money and weight.

What if you don’t have a truck bed cover, or your vehicle doesn’t have T-Slot rail systems?
There’s no need to worry when having no cover or T-Slot rail systems. This is because the Elevate Rack System comes with T-Slot Rails. These rails mount to your bed rails using brackets, so there is no drilling needed to install.

The rails include four tie-downs that can be positioned anywhere, along with tie down points integrated into the base of the rack, allowing you to set up the Elevate Rack System in a configuration that best suits your needs.

With a static weight rating of 500lbs and offroad weight rating of 250lbs, the Elevate Rack System is robust enough to support bikes, kayaks, baskets, ladders, or even roof top tents.

The Elevate Rack comes in a wider crossbar configuration for most full-size trucks, as well as the Gladiator, Frontier, and Tacoma, but there is a narrower configuration as well for trucks such as the Canyon, Colorado, Ranger, and Maverick.

Who is the Elevate Rack System for? And Who Isn’t it For?
With a retail starting price of $799.00 for the rack and $189.00 for the optional rails, the Elevate Rack System is priced very competitively compared to other rack systems on the market with similar features.

If you’re looking to carry a lot of weight off-road, or mount gear onto the sides of a truck bed rack, then the Elevate Rack may not be a good option for you. However, if you’re someone looking for an adjustable option for carrying gear over your truck bed, great compatibility with T-Slot accessories, or you want the ability to keep your bed secured with a truck bed cover, then the Elevate Rack System from Truck Hero is the system for you.