When it comes to purchasing a folding truck bed cover, one of the first decisions you need to make is a big one: hard folding, or soft folding… is there a reason you would need a hard cover instead of a soft cover? And what makes hard folding covers more expensive? Let’s take a look at the UnderCover Triad and answer those questions.

Why Choose the UnderCover Triad? With any truck bed cover, the goal is simple – keeping your gear secure and dry, while still maintaining ease of use and accessibility. Most soft folding covers are made of a lightweight, industrial grade vinyl or similar material, whereas hard folding covers are typically made from aluminum or polycarbonate panels. These panels still allow for a lightweight cover design, but with an added layer of security.

The real unique feature of the is the design of the mounting system. Unlike some other bed rack options on the market that hard mount or bolt directly to your bed, the Elevate Rack System is designed to mount using T-Slot rails – meaning it works in tandem with most truck bed covers, such as the Retrax XR, Roll-N-Lock M Series XT, Undercover Ultra Flex, and TruXedo Roll-Up covers.

The downside of folding covers? The cost. Premium name brand hard folding truck bed covers can cost over $1,200. Why? Materials like aluminum and polycarbonate simply cost more than vinyl materials. This is where the UnderCover Triad comes in.