Titan Truck sells a lot of winches, from a number of brands. But, here’s the question to ask: when will you discover how reliable your winch really is? Probably when you’re stuck and need to rely on it the most. This isn’t the time to evaluate whether or not those $200 you saved was worth it. But, what if you don’t want to spend over $1,000 for a winch and yet want good reliability and performance? The WARN VR EVO winch may be right for you.

Traditionally, WARN has been known as a premium brand. Their name and reputation is definitely worth the price to lots of serious users. But to many, it is considered an overpriced brand. The VR EVO winch is WARN’s answer to the value-conscious shopper who cares about reliability and performance. Now, WARN does offer more expensive lines of winches, namely the ZEON and ZEON Platinum series.

What is the WARN VR EVO Winch?
The VR EVO winch is considered WARN’s Standard Duty winch. Since it’s a WARN winch, you’re going to get things that you may not with a cheap knock-off brand. The VR EVO is built on over 70 years of off-roading experience and innovation. The VR offers the fastest no-load line speed (25.5 feet per minute) of any winch in its class. Unlike the knock-offs, the VR is IP68 rated for waterproof performance in a variety of conditions.

What About Corrosion Resistance?
If you live in a climate with snowy winter conditions, corrosion resistance is important to consider as often the roads are salted. Unfortunately, many of those great looking, cheap off-brands are painted with regular paint. The VR EVO winch is coated with a corrosion and UV resistant coating – protecting the metal surfaces from both salt and UV rays. Moreover, the VR EVO has a 2-in-1 wireless/corded remote giving you 2 control options when winching. And you can choose between a synthetic or steel rope.

How Often Do You Want to Use Your Winch?
Will you plan on using your winch every weekend? Be careful with no-name brands. They aren’t designed for frequent use. On the other hand, the VR EVO is designed to be used frequently and is backed by WARN’s limited lifetime warranty.

Value of the WARN VR EVO Winch
At a retail price of under $700 for most models, it is significantly less expensive than the WARN Zeon series. So, how does that compare to off-brands you can buy online? Looking around, we found winches as low as $300. But, you can be sure the internal components were not built to last like WARN’s. In most cases, WARN’s warranty is far superior. As a US-based company, you can actually call and talk to a WARN representative if there’s ever an issue.

What are Some Differences Between the WARN VR EVO Winch and the Zeon?
The WARN Zeon builds on the VR EVO’s standard duty winch features. Among other things, the no load line speed is 18% faster, while the coating resists UV and corrosion for longer. The Zeon comes with a 20% stronger synthetic rope as well as larger gears and motor – it’s also assembled here in the US. Either way, if you’re looking for a reliable winch that won’t leave you stranded when it counts, the WARN VR EVO and ZEON series have a good value.