So, you’ve set up your vehicle and you’re ready to go off-roading or overlanding. You've added a lift kit, wheels, aggressive tires, maybe even a compressor and lockers; but are the front and rear of your vehicle protected? Your OEM bumpers are great for on-road use, but they won’t keep you or your vehicle protected from off-road abuse. Luckily, you’re in the right spot. We have the robust heavy-duty steel bumpers, grille guards, & bull bars you need to battle the hardest terrain and finish your hauler's makeover into an off-road warrior, no matter what you drive or want to do off-road.


Titan Truck has bumpers for every purpose; in styles that complement any rig, including tubular bumpers, bumper and grille guard combinations, or heavy-duty off-road bumpers. We have the largest inventory of bumpers in the northwest, so whether you need added protection, extra ground clearance, a place to install a winch, room to mount off-road lights, or D-ring shackles, you’ve come to the right spot.


The flexibility to add extras is one of the most significant advantages of an off-road bumper over a factory bumper. A winch may be mounted on several of our bumpers, and some even feature a place for a roller or hawse fairlead. When off-roading, it's a question of when, not if, you'll need to pull or be pulled, and most bumpers come with sturdy mounts for D-ring shackles to attach cables, straps, or snatch blocks. When it becomes dark out on the trail, you can never have too much illumination, and many bumpers allow numerous lights to be installed on or in the bumper.


While front bumpers receive the majority of the focus, rear bumpers offer their own set of benefits. Large off-road tires can be too heavy for the typical tailgate carrier, but don’t fret! We have bumpers with heavy-duty carriers that can handle up to a 40" tall tire while still allowing for easy access to the tailgate.


Many rear bumpers include receiver hitches, allowing you to tow with your vehicle or add hitch-mounted accessories such as cargo carriers or bike racks. Most rear bumpers, like their front counterparts, have strong D-ring shackle mounts. On a lifted vehicle, getting access to the bed might be difficult, therefore some bumpers include steps to help you out. We have bumpers that can accept trailer plugs, spare tire crank access, and backup sensors, so you won't have to give up any of the functionality you had with your OE bumper.


A grille guard or bull bar not only protects the front end of your truck or SUV, but it also gives it a rough, rugged appearance that makes it look like it's suited for the Montana backroads even if you’re just cruising in a mall parking lot. Protect your investment and shop our inventory of grille guards, bull bars, front and rear bumper guards, and grille guard accessories that will transform it into an off-road warrior.


Off-road lights and LED light bars can be mounted to most grille guards, and there are also guards with built-in steps for easier engine bay access. If you're a hardcore off-roader, you already know that a winch is non-negotiable, and winch mount grille guards make installing one a breeze. Choose from winch-capable guards or a modular design that lets you customize your grille guard, headlight guards, and light bar layout, as well as add a receiver hitch.


Bull bars are designed to protect your bumper and lower grille from harm while adding a refined appearance to your vehicle. A bull bar is the way to go if you want protection without the bulky appearance of a grille guard. Bull bars come with or without a skid plate, for added protection and to show off your exquisite taste in accessories. This skid plate is removable on some bull bars. Bull bars, like grille guards, frequently come with pre-drilled mounts for off-road lights, and some even include built-in LED light bars or pod lights.